UK Medical Schools

There are 33 UK medical schools and it can be difficult choosing the right one for you. Warwick and Swansea offer Graduate-Entry Medicine (GEM) courses only. Durham and St Andrew's offer two-year courses with the clinical years undertaken at partner universities. The UCAS application allows 4 choices for medicine and it is important that you choose somewhere that you will enjoy spending the next five years.

UK Med School Quick Look Table
  • Be sure to check the admissions website for the universities for the latest news.
  • The number in brackets following MMI denotes the number of MMI stations.
  • Hull York interview has 20 minute group assessment and then two traditional interviews.
  • Warwick uses a half-day selection centre featuring a group based task, written exercise and structured interview.
  • Edinburgh do not routinely interview school leavers. Graduate applicants for the standard course are interviewed using MMI. There is no GEM course.