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Welcome to Med-X

Here at Get Me Into Medical School we realise that not all students have access to medical work experience and for students who do the experience can vary greatly.

Med-X is our latest medical experience course designed for year 10-12 students (GCSE to A2 Level).

Med-X is designed to give you the ultimate experience of being a doctor. Our focussed 1-day course uses lectures and practical workshops to ensure medicine is the career for you and provides experiences and skills that can be utilised in your personal statement and at interview.

Interactive Lectures
Experience life as a medical student in interactive lectures
Keynote lectures on medicine, surgery and general practice
Understand the application process
Watch virtual surgery
Guide to organising work experience

Skills Worskhops
History Taking
Cardiovascular Examination Skills
Respiratory Examination Skills
Surgical Examination Skills
Surgical Skills
Trauma Scenarios
Radiology Interpretation
Latest Courses
Please register your interest for the upcoming Med-X courses.

Course details will be finalised Winter 2013.

What Previous Students Thought
I had a fantastic time at the course in Bristol. The workshops were amazing and I learned loads, my favourite was the trauma team workshops.
Frankie Maddock, Year 10