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Med-Interview Course

The best way to ensure success at interview and get into medical school is with realistic practise.

Our Med-Interview Course uses both Traditional and Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) formats and offers direct feedback from experienced interviewers on your interview skills and commonly tested questions.

The one-day course covers all the key points of both MMI and Traditional interview formats

What to Expect
Experience what the interview is like ahead of time
Improve your interview technique with personalised feedback from experienced coaches
Experience the MMI format with short multiple stations
Learn from your peers and interviewers
Cover all the common interview questions
Improve your interview body language and listening skills
Learn frameworks that can be used to tackle the most difficult questions
Understand how the interviewers score candidates
Make yourself stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of getting an offer
Learn what it takes to get into medical school

Thanks for the mock interview. I was so much calmer on the day of my actual interview and loads of the same questions came up!
Simon Thomas, 1st Year Medical Student