Get Me Into Medical School! The Medical School Interview

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  • Practical Advice: Learn how to prepare for the medical school interview and avoid common mistakes
  • Hear From Interviewers: Written by a medical school interviewer, find out how you will be scored
  • Interview Technique: Discover how to improve your body language and vocal tonality
  • Answer Framework: Learn how to approach common question themes using frameworks
  • Over 100 Practise Questions: Practise commonly asked questions with example answers
  • Structured Answers: Find out how to structure your answers to score points
  • MMI and Traditional: All interview formats covered in detail

About The Book

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Get Me Into Medical School! The Medical School Interview provides you with practical tips, answer frameworks and practise MMI and traditional interview questions to help you prepare for your medical school interview.

Written by a UK medical school interviewer and featuring contributions from medical students and junior doctors. Their insider tips and experience will help you apply for medical school and ace the medical interview.

Practise questions are broken down into frameworks and feature example answers to over 100 commonly asked medical school MMI and traditional interview questions.

About the Author: Alexander Logan MBChB MSc MRCS PGCME has interviewed hundreds of prospective medical students using both traditional and MMI formats. He is passionate about medical education and works as a surgeon in the Southwest of England.