Foundation Courses

Foundation or 'PreMed' courses are designed to give students without science A-Levels a year of medical school teaching prior to commencing the standard undergraduate course. They are effectively a six-year medical course with guaranteed progression onto the medical course after completion of the Foundation year.
13 UK Medical Schools offer Foundation courses:

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Access Courses
Many medical schools do not recognise access courses and, unlike foundation courses, there is no guaranteed place at a medical school following their completion. Make sure you check with both the access course and your prospective medical school that the course is recognised before you apply.

Access Courses:
  • City & Islington College, London
  • City College Norwich, Norfolk
  • College of West Anglia, Norfolk (Linked with UEA Medical School)
  • Lambeth College, London
  • The Manchester College, Manchester
  • St Martin’s College, Lancashire
  • Sussex Downs College, East Sussex (Linked with Brighton & Sussex Medical School)