About Medicine

Doctors are able to use their knowledge, problem-solving and technical skills to help people in time of illness and pain. Doctors are portrayed as attractive and wealthy in movies and television however this is not (always) the case. Medicine is a very rewarding career although you may forget this when facing a week of night shifts, dealing with death or struggling financially.

Qualities of a Doctor
The General Medical Council (GMC) outlines a number of qualities that doctors should possess and it is important that you have some of these attributes already.


The Medical Career Path
The career path for doctors is varied with lots of areas of sub-specialisation. Hospital medical specialties such as the medical and surgical specialties have long postgraduate training periods while GP training is shorter. Doctors are required to sit postgraduate exams as their training progresses.


Pros and Cons of Medicine
Television and movies portray doctors as attractive and wealthy, driving sports cars and saving lives. This may be why you are considering medicine and it is important that you know both the good and the bad.

The Good
The Bad/Ugly
  • Saving & Changing Lives
  • Well-Respected
  • Job and Financial Security
  • Multiple Career Paths
  • Variety of Patients
  • Develops Leadership, Communication, Problem-Solving and Practical Skills
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Teaching Junior Colleagues
  • Use of Technology and Constantly Changing
  • People Die / Blood & Guts
  • High-Pressure
  • Competitive At All Levels
  • Long University Course
  • Financial Commitment
  • Private Work Only as a Consultant
  • Cost-Cutting and Bad Press
  • Lots of Exams
  • Shift Work and Working Nights
  • Lots of Moving Between Hospitals