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Get Me Into Medical School! is the ultimate online resource for anyone wishing to study medicine and get into medical school in the United Kingdom. Written by medical school interviewers, medical students and junior doctors the site and resources draw on a multitude of insider knowledge to help you get a place at medical school.

Getting into medical school is tough with around 21,000 students applying for 8,000 places. Luckily our experienced team are here to guide you on your journey to get into medicine and become a doctor.

Get Me Into Medical School! offers an Online Medical School Interview Question Bank and our medical schools app and series of books to help you decide if medicine is for you and successfully gain a place at a UK medical school.

Our team of experienced interviewers and communication skills tutors is here to help you ensure medicine is the right career for you and then to secure a place at a UK medical school.
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The Ultimate Resource For Becoming a Doctor

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ST3 Orthopaedic Interviews Questions Bank
Insider Tips From over 200 current medical students and current medical school tutors
Is Medicine is For You? Honest information on the medical career path and NHS pay scales
Graduate Entry Help decide to make the jump to medicine after a previous degree
Work Experience Complete guide to organising placements and how to stand out from the crowd
Life as a Doctor Understand what to expect at medical school, in the foundation years and from the most popular subspecialties

All Medical Schools Covered
Information About The Medical Course
Information About The City
Understand Subtle Differences
Admission Statistics
Insider Advice From Current Students

Over 100 Practise Questions
Insider Tips From Interviewers
MMI and Traditional Questions
Interview Technique
Frameworks for Structure
Example Answers

Online Medical Interview Question Bank

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ST3 Orthopaedic Mock Interview Course
Over 200 Practise Questions with Answers
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Our Online Question Bank features over 200 practice interview questions for UK medical school interviews. Questions cover Traditional, Ethical and MMI formats and are accompanied by comprehensive answers

Interactive Questions
Dashboard navigation area
Over 200 questions covering ethics, MMI questions and traditional questions
Questions are unique and accompanied by comprehensive evidence-based explanations
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Moderated comments to stimulate discussion